Main Thing Edit

Otto Octavios AKA Doctor Octopus is one of Spiderman's main foes and is a siencetist with Huge Mechainical Mettalic Arms or (as I like to call it) HMMA . Anyway...he has fought spidey in meny battles and is one of spideys main advesaries. He is a great enemy for Spider-Man (not because he is animal themed like Spiderman)but because he has a verity of Abilitys

Abilitys Edit

Doctor Octopus has a verity of abilltys like...

Intelligence Edit

He has very good smarts which would help him with his clashes with Spidey and set up ways to to his crime sprees in New York City.

Mechanical Arms Edit

These are his main wepons that help him with His expariments,His clashes with Spidey and Moving him around. These have the force to sqish spidey in to spider bits but thankfuly that has not happend...YET.